Three Ways to Learn about Clicker Training

Clicker training represents the reward-based motivational (positive reinforcement) animal training method. It’s effective, humane and free of barriers. Anyone and any dog can enjoy it!

Clicker training comes from the training method of sea animal who can’t be trained by punishment, and was established by Bob Bailey, and spread by Karen Pryor, Terry Ryan and so on.

About Clicker Training

Clicker training method is based on learning theory (both of classical conditioning and operant conditioning). Animal can get a food as a reward after the sound of clicker. Method is simple but it can produce various and complex behaviors up to trainer’s idea and skill. The sound of clicker means “You choose to do the right thing” (Mark of Right Behavior), “I give you a reward” (Promise of Reward), and “You do as you like from now” (Release).

Three Ways to Learn about Clicker Training

Many books about clicker training are published. Book is an appropriate way to get basic information about clicker training such as history, theory, tools and so on. But it’s difficult to learn how to set and change criteria for click only from books.

Some DVD about clicker training are published. And YouTube has many free watching videos taken/made by clicker training lovers and R+ dog trainers (including me!). Those are great resources and very informative. You can see various clicker training cases, techniques and ideas. If you are a clicker training beginner who has never taught any trick by using clicker, never read clicker training book, or never attended clicker training class/workshop, it might be difficult to make use of those in your dog training .

I recommend this way! You can not only get knowledge about clicker training, but also dog’s signals/sign that you can know your dog’s stress level from, how to set and change criteria for click in various cases, and advice to make more efficient use of clicker. And you might have clicker lover friends!

Clicker for Deaf Dog and Deaf and Blind Dog

The sound of clicker is “Bridge” to connect behavior with reward. Clicker training is easy to understand for blind dog because of using clear indication sound. If your dog is deaf, you can substitute hand/finger sign or light such as ABITAX(R) Tag Light for the sound of clicker. If your dog is deaf and blind, you can substitute touch or petting for that.

I hope you enjoy training and build a beautiful relationship with your dog! 🙂


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