3 Keys to Good Results of Dog Training

Power of motivation

At first, I introduce 3 videos. These aren’t new videos and you might have already watched these.

What will Beagle in big dog cage do?

What will dog who loves a ball but hates water do?


What will Dingo who has found some food being up on a wall do?

You could see and feel through these videos that dogs have amazing abilities. But not every dogs don’t do like the dogs showing us incredible ideas and behaviors on the video. Why? It’s because each of them had strong “motivation” at that time and in each situation. Motivation can bring out and expand the potential, abilities, and brain, and develop more patience and self-confidence.

We just navigate dogs

We can understand from these videos that dogs have brilliant brain and abilities, and we just navigate them to display their curiosity and great abilities as desirable behaviors to get along with people.

3 keys to good results of dog training

  • Create an environment in which your dog can have feelings of curiosity without anxiety
  • Pay attention to your dog’s motivation, and manage the things that generate his/her motivation
  • Give your dog a choice and time to think

3 keys to improve dog’s life

To satisfy their curiosity and to display their abilities are needed for dog’s low-stress life. Dog training purpose shouldn’t be to suffocate dogs’ curiosity and abilities and force the dog owners’ ideals on them, but to help them display their curiosity and abilities as desirable behaviors. Dog training exists for the purpose to improve dogs’ lives.

“3 keys to good results of dog training” are “3 keys to improve dog’s life”


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