Cues To Give Notice

Cues to give notice have a huge role in the comfortable life of blind dogs. I call those “notice cue”. Notice cue is one of tools that blind dog can depend on as substitute for the eye.

It’s difficult for blind dogs to prepare them for what’s ahead because they can’t recognize an immediate environment visually. It builds up anxierty in them.

We can help to reduce the anxiety and accident risk of blind dog by coining and using “notice cue” to let him/her know what is going to happen.

Examples Of Notice Cue

I use many notice cues so that my sweet blind dachshund Nono can get the picture and move free from anxiety.

Our notice cues

  • Dansa ga aruyo (There is a bump) : “There is a bump in front of you”
  • Nade nade (Stroke) : “You’ll be touched by some one”
  • Daijoubu (No problem) : “Don’t worry. I’m protecting you. No one can’t attack you.”
  • Abunai! (Watch out!) : “You”re hitting or falling down”
  • Dakko shiyou (Pick you up) : “I’ll hold up you right now”
  • Meme misete (Let me see your eye) : “I’ll check your eye from now”
  • Meme yarasetene (Let me place a drop in your eyes) : “I’ll place a dorp in your eyes from now”
  • Yukkuri (Slow down) : “The target is close to you”
  • Kazu-chan irukana?, kurukana? (Kazu might be there, is coming) : “You’ll meet your dad soon!” *This is a joyful notice that makes Nono happily. My husband is most Nono’s favorite person in the world.
  • Migi (Right) : “I’ll turn to the right soon” when Nono heels *When I turn to the left, I only slow down without notice cue.
  • Turn : “I’ll do a U-turn soon” and slow down when Nono heels
  • Face : “I’ll turn you medialward soon” when Nono heels

We Might Take Away Form Blind Dog His/Her Abilities

When blind dog got the meaning of notice cues, he/she can think and find out by himself/herself about what he/she shoud do at that time. For example, when Nono hears my notice cue “Dansa ga aruyo (There is a bump in front of you)”, she checks the height of the bump by her muzzle (Actual video is here).

To do everything instead of blind dog takes away from him the ability to think himself and to overcome problems on his own. We should think and do what minimum help for blind dog is at any time.


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