How to Teach Trick “Spin” to a Blind Dog

Here is a new training tutorial video for blind dog. I recommend for all blind dog owners to teach this trick by this way. It’s OK even though you just started training with your blind dog!

Let’s try and have fun! 🙂

Video: How to Teach Trick “Spin” to a Blind Dog (Using “touch” as a prompt and teaching by clicker)

Why do I recommend to teach tricks to blind dog?

Tricks like “spin” mignt not be needed move in blind dog’s daily life.

But through reward-based motivational training,
you can

  • help to build your blind dog’s self-confidence by giving a reward to voluntary behavior repeatedly and increasing what he can do for himself
  • reduce his anxiety for being touched by someone in the case of using “touch” as a prompt or a cue.
  • make him feel the joy of expressing himself and discovering something new

If you have never had an experience with clicker training, please consult a reward-baesd dog trainer living near you and learn about basic clicker training knowleage and technique 🙂

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