Two Games for Upskilling of Blind Dog

I introduce two games that I enjoy with my blind dog Nono on a daily basis. Those game purpose is to make blind dog develop an ability to sense finding what he/she want by senses of hearing or/and smell.

Retrieve Game

Upskilling Game

Please watch this on your PC. Because this video was edited on YouTube, you can’t see commentary on the video if you watch the video on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and so on.

My dog Nono understands pretty the game rules, Keep Going Signal and how to find out the target by her nose and ears. If you enjoy the game on those video with your blind dog, you should start at easier level.

Three Important Things of Enjoying a Upskilling Game with Your Blind Dog

  • To set up criteria/levels that your blind dog can make out.
  • To move up criteria/level at his/her own pace and by little and little.
  • Not to punish if your blind dog can’t do or mistake. In the case, you should lower level or review criteria.

Your mission is to motivate your blind dog to do the game and to find target! Your dog will show you incredible his/her potential.

Have fun! 🙂

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