Hi, I’m Miki, a certified dog trainer and dog training and behavior consultant, in Tokyo, Japan. My sweet blind Doxie Nono is my best teacher in life. We challenged obedience training and exams together and always try to enjoy life more. She is always so positive, has showed me her incredible abilities, and proved that blind dogs possess great possibilities.

As a dog trainer/dog training instructor, I have worked with visually-impaired dogs with different causes, processes and conditions of blindness, such as almost blind, totally blind, lost one eye, lost vision gradually or suddenly and so on. Of course, they all are brilliant!

My dream as a blind dog’s owner is to be my dog’s guide dog. My mission as a expert in training blind dogs is to enrich the lives of them by conveying that blind dogs have fabulous abilities and possibilities and can enjoy their lives, teaching their owners how to help and train them, and sharing my experiences and training methods with dog trainers who work with them.

Miki Saito, KPA CTP, CPDT-KA

Animal Behavior and Taining Consultant / Specialized in Training Blind Dogs / CEO of BAWedu, Inc.

Tokyo, Japan


動物の行動とトレーニングのコンサルタント、目が見えない犬のトレーニングのスペシャリスト、BAWedu株式会社 CEO

Nono (2000-2016)

Miniature Dachshund/Girl/The first and only blind dog passed D.I.N.G.O. Master Handler Test. She was diagnosed with PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) and had already been almost blind when she was 6-yrs and had just started training. Not long after, she went totally blind. She loves pumpkin.

のの (2000-2016)


My Mission

  • Spreading knowledge and skills of behavioral management (training and enrichment) based on the science and technology of behavior change and high ethical standard to provide dogs with good care
  • Enriching the lives of blind dogs
  • Encouraging blind dog owners to keep on raising their dog
  • Increasing adoption of blind dog


  • 行動変化の科学と高い倫理基準に基づいた、よいアニマルケアを実現するための行動マネージメント(トレーニングとエンリッチメント)の知識と技術の普及
  • ブラインドドッグのQOL(生活の質)の向上
  • ブラインドドッグの飼い主の飼養意欲維持の支援
  • ブラインドドッグのアダプションを増やす