“Shaping” can take a blind dog on an exciting journey of discovery

I recommend that you choose and use “shaping” as much as possible than “luring” when you teach something to your blind dog. It’s because “shaping” can not only produce desirable behavior but also give a blind dog the opportunity to make the most of her creativity and imagination, and the thrill in finding new thing. (more…)
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Is a “smell hint” really helpful for a blind dog?

Most people come up with using a “smell hint” to train a blind dog. Some books, websites and trainers introduce a “smell hint” as a good way to help a blind dog. But I don’t recommend to use “smell hints”. Smell is difficult for us to manage because of its specific property, and adding a smell can cause a blind dog’s confusion. And there are other various ways to help a blind dog effectively with harnessing a blind dog’s remaining abilities and behavior characteristics. (more…)
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