Advantages of Blind Dogs 2 – Great Power of Concentration

It is said that dog’s eyesight is poorer than human’s. But dogs can detect motion and things in low light condition better than humans can. Dogs behave and live depend on their eyesight same as us humans. Eyesight is very important ability for dogs and, not surprisingly, to loose the sight is inconvenient and makes dogs feel fear/anxiety. But there is more to it.

If we can remove fears of blind dogs, they display great their ability to concentrate.

Visual stimulation motivates action. When we teach something to a dog, we can apply it to lure, hint (prompt) and hand sign. On the negative side, visual stimulation might prevent to focus on the training and make dog get exited. Blind dogs have no stimulation from their eyes and can focus on thinking!

If you give your blind dog the environment that he/she feel secure, he/she will display amazing ability to concentrate on training, enjoy it and will get new behaviors one after another.

*For detail about the way to reduce dog’s anxiety, please see this post

My blind Doxie Nono can do over 20 tricks and do proper obedience behaviors like required in exams (such as heel position, heeling, sit, down, stand-up, stay, recall, retrieve, going to crate from a distance and so on). She knows over 20 cues for obedience. She got most of those after lost her sight.

I think she isn’t special (of course, FOR ME and FOR MY HUSBAND she is special and precious). Any blind dog can do like her. Reward-based (science-based) motivational training method helps you and your blind dog. Especially, the clicker training will give both of you many inspirations and discoveries. You will spend a great and fun time together.

Also today, Nono puts her chin on my lap and asks me to do clicker training. She loves to think and try new thing. We love clicker training.

These videos are our four recent tricks that I taught Nono by using clicker and shaping.

Half-turn and back up between my legs (freestyle move)

Figure 8

Weave though legs

Your Feet on Mine

Let’s start and enjoy training with your blind dog! 🙂


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