Visit to 寶貝狗協會 Precious Dogs Association (Taipei, Taiwan)

I visited 寶貝狗協會 Precious Dogs Association (called PDA) on May 11, 2011.

PDA is a wonderful non-profit organization providing AAE based in the center of Taipei city. My friend Molly the reward-based dog training instructor works at here.

Now PDA raise 10 dogs including 2 disabled dogs (wheel dogs) in large and clean facilites. They come from shelter or vet, are trained, join a visiting activity to elementary school, and get new family.

Also 小布丁 Pudding who is my friend Molly’s dog attends visiting activitis. So cute!

PDA makes some materials for dog owner education and distributes those via their website and visiting acitivity.

This is a material for elementary school students. The multiplication tables, chinese pronunciation symbol list and the 6 rules to get and raise dogs are written on it with cute illustrations.

I recieved some questions about canine rehabilitation by PDA staffs because I’m a certified JAHTA Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (Basic), and told some techniques and daily care tips for each dog. I heard from Sena who my friend, a reward-based dog training instructor and acted as my interpreter that the information of daily care of dog is few in Taiwan. I want to take more time to demo with explaining each technique and it’s purpose next visit in ordery to understand easy and correctly.

Thank you so much Vivien, Molly and PDA staffs!
Especially, I really appreciate Molly because she guided me also other days.

寶貝狗協會 Precious Dogs Association

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