Talk Party at D.I.N.G.O. 台灣 (Taipei, Taiwan)

After I visited PDA, I attended the talk party at D.I.N.G.O. Taiwan and spoke about blind dog training and my blind Dachshund Nono’s daily life.

There are still only a few dog training schools that teach positive reinforcement method in Taiwan. D.I.N.G.O. Taiwan is one of these. My friend Sena runs the school and teaches reward-based motivational training to dog owners in Taipei and Taichung. She held the talk party at D.I.N.G.O. Taiwan’s main gym in Taipei.

First floor is a pet goods shop and second floor is D.I.N.G.O. Taiwan‘s main gym.

Over 20 people attended the party! Amazing! Sena wearing purple polo shirt in photos is popular in Taiwan. She is a trilingual speaker of Chinese, English and Japanese, and acted as my interpreter on that day.

Participants are enthusiasts! They gave me many good questions about blind dog and some of them attended blind dog demonstration. They inspired me!

【Keep Going Signal Demo】
A participant (Thank you so much for your cooperation!) put a blindfold on her eyes and moved to destination only depending on Keep Going Signal that I was saying.

【Clicker Shaping Demo】
A participant put a blindfold on his eyes and experienced clicker training. The goal of this clicker session is to walk with a person. It’s “Choose to heel” blind dog version. He could follow Sena! Great job! Clicker is helpful tool for blind dog too.

Each participant brought along a different food or drink. I could see various Taiwan foods thanks to them!

That’s another happy thing for me that I saw 小魯 Lucian who is Sena’s big Golden Retriever again.

Main image on the top page of this website is the photo of 小魯 Lucian and Nono. It was taken when Sena stayed in Japan with 小魯 Lucian in order to take the certification of D.I.N.G.O. instructor.

小魯 Lucian actives as not only demo dog in her class but also model dog and therapy dog.

Thank you so much Sena and new Taiwan friends! See you soon!

D.I.N.G.O. 台灣 D.I.N.G.O. Taiwan

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