Launched my new site and blog!

Hello! I managed to get started on this site. Purpose of Blind Dog Training is not to make blind dog behave exactly like healthy dog, but to enrich their life. I hope that more many people will know blind dog’s possibilities and inquiring mind.

I attended a seminar for dog guardian about basic dog training the other day. The lecturer was a famous dog training instructor in Japan. After the seminar, a participant woman asked her how to train with handicapped dog. A woman’s dog might become blind or/and deaf. She wanted to know how to train her dog. The instructor answered “Blind dog and deaf dog had been to my class. You can train deaf dog by using light instesd of clicker. But in blind dog’s case, you can only maintain minimum level lifestyle.” I felt an urge to say loudly that “Not at all! You can enjoy training with your dog and help him!”.

Several years ago, I attended a class to the test with my blind dog Nono. The instructor who has the class said “I taught blind dog. Smell of human’s hand is very strong. Blind dog can keep up with your hand”. Of course, Nono couldn’t it. Then we kept being treated as “dropouts” in her classes.

I bought a veterinary dictionary for pet guardian App. The section of PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) said “If PRA dog is raised inside, he can live in comfort”. NO WAY! Blind dog have fear and anxiety, and trouble doing anything than full-vision dog. Just they neither say “I’m making an intense effort anytime” nor “I’m in trouble”. I want to ask Dr. F who wrote the section “What do you base that on? Have you lost your eyesight?” I feel terrible about buying that.

All of them don’t see from an blind dog’s point of view. That’s so sad.

The instructors in the first two stories have and teach positive reinforcement dog training techniques, of course they use clicker, same as me, and have many years of experience than me. They can teach many things to blind dog and their guardian, and help their happier life.

I hope not only dog guardians but also dog professionals will know blind dog’s possibilities and feelings, and think more about health and safety of both of their mind and body.

Please view “What help can we do for blind dog?” category articles if you have time.

Thank you!

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  1. Mary A Gilbreth October 10, 2010 at 13:36 #


    I am so happy to see all your wonderful training with Nono here in one place to help other owners of vision impaired dogs! I love your videos and all the accomplishments you and Nono have achieved together. You are an excellent team and inspiration for all dog owners, not just for owners of blind dogs. Congratulations on your new website and blog! 🙂

    ~Mary & the Plumwood Posse

    • miki October 10, 2010 at 19:04 #

      Thank you so much Mary for lovely comment!! 🙂

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