Training Had Positive Effects on Nono’s Mind and Body

Nono who is my blind Doxie changed by reward-based motivational training.

Training change her mind

She used to be fearful dog. When we go out, she always required me or my husband to be picked up and be held in the arms, and pushed her face into under the arm in order to hide from other dogs, people and other specters.

But now she displays a feel of curiosity and try to communicate other dog. (Of course, I evaluate and choose the situation and dog to greet safely) Training built her self-confidence and self-control. Training changed her mind and that’s not all.

Training change her body too!

The left photo was taken 4 years ago. The right photo was taken last year.

She has many health problems except eye disease. One of hard things for us is allergy disease. Before we started training, she took steroid drug every day for decreasing itching. She used to suffer from awful itch and her coat was discolored like the photo.

I tried to do as many as possible for her good health. I studied and got qualification as Veterinary Technician in order to attend seminars for vet and get newest information all about her health such as allergy, skin disease, diarrheal disease, eye disease, patella dislocation, disc hernia and so on. I researched and put in practice such as supplements, home-made meal, omega 3 and 6 oil and so on but just couldn’t decrease her allergic reaction.

But after around 6 month from taking training classes, Nono came less need for taking steroid drug. So the number of scratching her face and body had came down clearly. And her coat color got back gradually.

Now she keeps good her skin condition only by eating hypoallergenic dog food with papaya enzyme and taking medicated bath once a week. She haven’t taken steroid drug for decreasing itching for over 3 years!

I think positive reinforcement method training reduces her anxiety and stress. By training built her self-confidence and self-control and it reduces her anxiety. Training session is the great opportunity to prove herself and satisfies her curiosity, and it reduces her stress. Anxiety and stress reduction leads to inhibit an allergic reaction.

Reward-based motivational training has been enriching Nono’s life! 🙂


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