Two Cues for Improving Dog’s Learning Efficiency

Both of “focusing on” and “taking a rest” are essential components of efficient learning. If you do training with your dog, you should signal the start and close of a training session. Those can show that he/she should work/think or rest, and help him/her shift consciousness.

This video is my clicker training session with my blind doxie Nono. At that time, we exercised “Pivoting”. When I said “Ya-rou!” that is cue of the start of a session, she immediately focused on, understood a target of the session and got started off. And when I said “O-shi-ma-i” that is cue of the close/end of a seesion, she immediately stopped thinking and got away from the book as target.

Nono understands what both of working time (to be required thinking or something) and free time mean.

The cues to tell your dog that training session starts and ends will help your dog’s more efficient learning.

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