We Couldn’t Win A Prize But I’m Glad!

APDT “National Train Your Dog Month!” 2011 contests winner was announced.

I entered my video in the APDT contest thanks to my friend Mary who is R+ dog trainer, PhD, CPDT-KA and SMART DOGS’s owner. I couldn’t win a prize but am so glad because the contest judges watched our video! It’s really great thing for me!

Blind Dog’s Obedience Retrieve

This is the video that I entered the APDT contest.

Caption: Despite her Blindness, Nono learned how to do an Obedience Retrieve (and many other amazing skills) thanks to Positive Reinforcement and Clicker Training.

One of rules to enter the APDT contest is to be “active APDT member who lives in U.S. or Canada”. I couldn’t enter in it without Mary’s help. She submitted my video with nice video caption that she came up with instead of me, a poor English speaker. So I really appreciate Mary’s help and kindness. Thank you so much Mary!

I want to try again if I would get an opportunity like this 🙂

2 Responses to We Couldn’t Win A Prize But I’m Glad!

  1. Kristine February 24, 2011 at 08:40 #

    Congratulations! It’s too bad you couldn’t win but I think what you have done with Nono is inspiring. Thank you for showing it can be done.

    • miki March 6, 2011 at 21:37 #

      Hi Kristine 🙂

      Sorry for this late reply. Thank you always for cheering me up!
      This is very small step but we get there.
      I hope more people will know that blind dogs have great abilities and can enjoy life.

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